About us

About us

7DAYS is a creative cosmetics brand for the young and bright ones! It is a trendsetter in the beauty industry and has gained popularity due to the original concepts, eye-catching design and high quality of the products, as well as transparency and broad-mindedness of the company.


7DAYS cosmetics is an opportunity to express yourself, show your personality, tell more about your character and mood and emphasize your unique nature. We believe that a creative and experimental approach to makeup and skincare can help you find your style, boost your self-esteem, accept and love yourself and your appearance.

A wide range of products, their proven effectiveness, reasonable price, and ease of use provide you with an outright beauty treatment and an effortless makeup application.

Source of inspiration

The target audience of the 7DAYS is representatives of Gen Z, active users of Instagram, Tik-Tok, Likee, and other popular social networks. Inspired by their philosophy and interests, we create collections that have their distinct character and aesthetics. The super sleek design emphasizes their style and turns each product into an original accessory, and everyday self-care routine into a pleasurable and inspiring beauty ritual.

Principles of production

7DAYS actively shares the position of conscious consumption and respect for nature. Our core principles include eco-friendly and cruelty-free production and the usage of biodegradable packaging.

7DAYS supports the ideas of the vegan community by developing unique formulas that meet the strict production standards of vegan cosmetics, and are certified by the International Association “The Vegan Society”.


7DAYS is an international company with headquarters in Milan and Moscow. Our products are represented in more than 20 countries on 4 continents of the world, including the USA, Australia, Libya, France, Germany, and our product range comprises more than 600 positions.

The trend towards globalization has also affected the geography of our production which includes the territory of Russia, China, South Korea and Italy.

Media coverage

7DAYS has extensive media support in various channels and builds a successful communication platform in the most popular social networks – Tik-Tok, Likee, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The top influencers and bloggers trust us.