Eyeshadow palette 9 colours 02 Magic poison
Eyeshadow palette 9 colours 02 Magic poison
Eyeshadow palette 9 colours 02 Magic poison

Eyeshadow palette 9 colours 02 Magic poison

daytime and evening makeup
B.COLOUR DARK SIDE - create a unique party look, discover your dark side!


DARK SIDE eyeshadows are a palette consisting of 9 shades perfectly selected to create a vivid and expressive makeup or a delicate and natural one, stylishly complementing any evening or daytime look and dazzling everyone. Thanks to unique formula, the high-pigment eyeshadows developed by our makeup artists blend well and spread easily without cracking or peeling off, not losing the color intensity all day and all night (in case of a party!). Multi-faceted shades suit every eye color and make your look as expressive as possible. 02 Magic poison eyeshadow palette offers a rich range of colors for every coloring type and appearance. Get inspired and use the shades separately or mix them up!


9*1 g
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Method of application

Universal palette with 9 unique shades for bright and nude makeups. Highly pigmented matte and shimmery textures stay intense all day long, easily spread and don’t flake. Apply eyeshadow using 7DAYS B.COLOUR Red 04, 05, 07 brushes or fingertips. Don’t forget about primer before use.