Firming&lifting eye concentrate COLLAGEN
Firming&lifting eye concentrate COLLAGEN

Firming&lifting eye concentrate COLLAGEN

Eye cream-concentrate 7DAYS COLLAGEN – SMART care for skin, beauty and youth 24/7.
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Firming&lifting eye cream-concentrate + cooling metallic applicator 2in1 7DAYS COLLAGEN – is a 3D massage + Korean cosmetics with active components: collagen, vitamin C, algae complex, caffeine and peptides. This cream is recommended for lifting, against fatigue marks, bags under eyes and crows feet. Collagen saturates your skin with moisture and strengthens it, smooths out the wrinkles. Caffeine tones up, helps fighting marks of fatigue and dark circles under your eyes. The “RE-FRESH” CRYO metallic applicator (eye massager) removes puffiness, relaxes muscles, helps improving microcirculation and deepening the penetration of active components. Also its actively increases the production of collagen and elastin. You can use cream-concentrate separately or combine it with other MY BEAUTY WEEK products in the morning and evening. It acts like SMART care for skin 24/7. Long-lasting result with just 10 minutes per day.


18 ml
With what:
Collagen, Vitamin C, Algae complex, Caffeine, Peptides
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Method of application

Press the tube slightly, carefully apply the cream to the skin around your eyes along the massage lines, using the embedded applicator. Wait until it is fully absorbed.