Face & neck cream massager lifting & nourishing PEPTIDE 40 ml
Face & neck cream massager lifting & nourishing PEPTIDE 40 ml

Face & neck cream massager lifting & nourishing PEPTIDE 40 ml

• 3D cream-massager + cream 2in1
• Record-high concentration of active components: PEPTIDE + COLLAGEN 1,3%
• Lifting, nourishing and anti-age effect
• Roller with “FACE FIT” technology


Face & neck cream 7DAYS MY BEAUTY WEEK PEPTIDE and 3D cream-massager 2in1 with “FACE FIT” technology. Record-high concentration of Peptide and Collagen provides:

• Lifting. The cream increases skin suppleness and restores face, neck and decollete contours.
• Anti-age. Peptide smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, increases collagen production, decreases the appearance of pores.
• Nourishing. Collagen saturates your skin with moisture, strengthens it, makes it supple and smooths out the wrinkles.

Roller with “FACE FIT” technology trains muscles, models face, neck and decollete contours, reduces puffiness, helps to improve complexion and to deepen the penetration of active components as well as supports the collagen lattice.


40 ml
With what:
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Method of application

Turn the nozzle anticlockwise to open the package. Apply the product to problem areas. Close the package by turning the nozzle clockwise until it clicks. Apply with light movements for 10-15 minutes using a massage roller. Wait until it is fully absorbed.